So I get these Australian Immigration News emails. I don’t even remember where I signed up for this. Some company probably stole immigration details from the airport and saw that I had 23409823 Australia stamps in my passport and figured I was a good candidate to receive these mailings. I actually might read them if I thought they wouldn’t charge me ridiculous amounts of money to use their services. So instead I just hit delete. Except for today.

SO I receive one this morning and read the first line:

“In July, the Migration Expert newsletter covers a number of changes made in Australian migration policy focussing on attracting more desirable people”

“Losers need not apply, we only want a country with smart, witty and beautiful people”.

Ok… maybe it didn’t say that last part, but I’m a little curious… what do they consider “desirable.” I would take the test to find out, but that would take effort and who has time for effort these days? Instead I’ll just skip to the part where I fill out 239480934 visa, FBI and medical forms and pay 3 billion dollars in fees to the Australian government directly… that should be desirable enough for them.

Hopefully by the end of he year, I’ll be able to live in Australia more permanently without the fear that they could kick me out at any given moment. That is a comforting thought.

5 thoughts on “Desirable People Only”

  1. well I don’t mean kick me out… but there could come a time where they just don’t let you back in again. Tourist and working holiday visas only last so long before they make you get a more permanent one!

  2. our romanian friend was from canada, and she had to do the same thing… leave every few months so that she could come back.

    also, her last visit home, she was detained for several hours. they wanted to know why she was coming, going so often (because it looked odd since she didn’t have any formal work here).

  3. “Desirable” = white, Christian, English-speaking, with a college education. Preferably doctors. Or, alternatively, just someone with a lot of money. People with money will pay hefty fees for immigration services. 😉

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