My appologies to you Mr. Kookaburra bird. I know I was very mean in saying you sound like a devilish monkey. I mean, you do have a very interesting sound, but I must say-I appreciate that you only are loud for about 1 minute. I know you wake up every morning at 5:30 and say hello to the day with your shrieking, laughing, cackling noises. You are kind of like a rooster, saying good morning to the world. But I really really really do appreciate that you only do it it once or twice, and then you stop. It’s like you just need to let it out and then you’re good to go for the day. Unlike the devil bird that greeted us this morning. Now, I don’t know the type of bird… it wasn’t a cheep cheep sound, or a chirp chirp or a tweet tweet even. Heck, it wasnt even a caw CAW like those annoying crows. Hmmm so hard to describe… maybe a combination of a tweet tweet and a hooo hooo (like an owl) . Ok… so anyways back to my point. You, Mr. Kookaburra are kind in that you dont keep me awake for hours like my feathered friend… actually feathered faux this morning. Here’s how the morning went:


chirrrp chirrrp


chirrrp chirrrp

5:22 am

chiiiirrrrrrrpp chirrrrp

…..Skip ahead…..


chiiirrrrp  chirrrrp


chiiirrrrp chirrrrp


Andrew: “I’m sorry the wildlife in this country is so annoying”


chirrrp chirrrrp

5:51 am

chirrrrp chirrrp

Ok you get the point. Anyways, this is just a letter to all the kookaburras out there to whom I say “THANK YOU.” Even though you are horribly annoying, your 1 minute of annoyance is?really 10 times better than the sweet innocent cheep cheep that keeps going for HOURS!

3 thoughts on “Devil Birds… Part 2”

  1. You really wrote a lot to say so little. We get it. Birds are keeping you up. Take a picture of your Yoga Place, the street you walk to blockbuster etc. Would love to see that area. Also, did you buy the month unlimited yoga classes???
    Love ya

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