05_gingerbread_latte_.jpgHow happy I am that they still have Pumpkin Spice Latte’s at EVERY Starbucks that I’ve been too recently? And I can count at least 5 of them in my head. One guy the other day asked how often I ordered them, i said “pretty often.” He then told me that he never has anyone order them any more!

This is precisely why I can still find them. No one else realizes that they are still around… so I am really the only one still ordering them. This means I should be able to order them for at least another month because I see those bottles of pumpkin spice at the stores… and they are still all full!!! YIPEEEEE

I’m so happy! The only thing that would make this situation better is if Andrew were still here to drink them with. Awww I miss drinking pumpkin spice lattes with my pumpkin.

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