It’s November and that means a few things:


1. It is Pancreatic cancer awareness month

2. It is the month of my brother-in-law, Brett’s birthday.

3. Ironically, Brett’s birthday 2 years ago was also the day he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which ultimately took his life 6 months later.

So, in his memory (and so many others who have lost loved ones to this terrible disease) I donate money in November to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PANCAN). I don’t have tons to spare, but I like to think every little bit helps.

November is also infamous in Australia for its “Movember” campaign where guys grow mustaches and help raise money for men’s health (depression, prostate cancer). Tons of Andrew’s friends are participating and while I can’t give money to all of them, I did donate a bit to one of them (the one I knew about first, sorry to the other guys).

So since I was on the donation bandwagon this month, I decided to start working on #29 on my 101 list- Find 3 charities that mean something to me and donate to them at least once/year.

Now, I haven’t exactly had a reason to have charities “of meaning” to me other than PanCan (that’s probably a good thing). So, I decided to go for a theme here this year and donate to all things cancer related. My 3rd charity is the American Cancer Society. I really had a hard time with this one, for the sole reason that I couldn’t decide if I should donate to the American or Australian cancer society.  Ultimately, I lived in the US for 27 years and in Australia for 1, so the US won out. Cancer is probably the one thing that I’ve seen hurt the most people in my life. Maybe not directly, but it’s all around and it’s pretty damn scary. So I hope my small donations will help here and there and maybe one day Cancer will be a thing of the past…

3 thoughts on “Doing My Part”

  1. G’day again Elsja. Tell A if he comes across a copy of this month’s Flightpath magazine, I have a 6 page story on page 62 about a WWI pilot.


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