Time to check two more items off my 101 list.

#51 – Create a Master Packing List. I figured this was a good one to complete since there were a few things I forgot to bring to California. I don’t want to forget anything important next month when we go to Hawaii, so I think this one is all good to go. Even though I’m sure I’ll remember more things and add to it later!

#74 – Buy a dehumidifier. Ok, so I didn’t buy it. It was graciously donated by the lovely Marie who I met when I first moved to Sydney. Since she and her fiance decided to move back to Canada, she had one that she would no longer need. THANKS MARIE for the kind gift. And thanks for helping me cross one item off my list! šŸ™‚

What else is done?? Well, my trip to California is all over. I had an AMAZING time and it really wasn’t easy to leave. I’m so happy I was able to be there to see my best friend ever marry the love of her life. The wedding was perfect! It turned out so much nicer than I ever imagined and I’m very impressed that they were able to pull it all off in only 2 months. I’m also happy I was able to be there for the shower, the bachelorette party, the “rehearsal dinner” (aka pizza, wine and s’mores) and not to mention I spent time with family and friends?at Easter brunch, Emma’s birthday and plenty of dinners and get-togethers. I HAD A GREAT TIME!! I miss everyone already, but I am happy to be back with Andrew! Here are just 4 of HUNDREDS of pics we took šŸ™‚ I’d post more, but my blog likes to cut things off if you make it too long. For more wedding pics- check out Jen’s Blog.

s US Visit 261 (Small).jpg


03-08 Hrycyk Wedding 024 (Small).jpg

03-08 Hrycyk Wedding 066 (Small).jpg

2 thoughts on “Done and Done”

  1. You’re most welcome.
    I forgot to tell you I included the Sydney Street book in the hope that you will muster the courage to venture out in the mean left-driving streets of Sydney with Andrew’s wheels. Best of luck!

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