Don’t Bother with Resolutions!

Especially when it’s the same old “I’m going to work out more, get healthier…blah blah blah”

The gym was super crowded today. I couldnt find one open machine. No treadmills, no elipticals of any sort. All because a bunch of lazy slackers decided that this year was going to be the year that they FINALLY lose those extra 10-20 pounds.

NewsFlash!!! All you people who didnt work out pre-2008 will probably be giving up your gym routine in 2 weeks anyways. So my request to you all… just give up on your resolutions a bit earlier than you typically would and leave the gyms to the people who are actually devoted to going so we don’t have to deal with unnecessary crowds.

I guess I shouldn’t complain since I’ll be leaving the country shortly anyways (I hope). Once I’m in Sydney, I won’t even be going to the overpriced gym- I’ll just have to work out in my stellar home gym. But let’s just hope and pray that I get on a flight ASAP (as in tomorrow or Monday) because if I don’t- I may be stuck here for a LONG time.

Here’s why:

A STRIKE of more than 1500 Qantas engineers will remain in the wings until the new year, with the airline yesterday offering an olive branch to their union.

More than 1700 aircraft engineers will walk off the job on January 9 in protest against growing casualisation of the workforce and erosion of working conditions.

Almost 90 per cent of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association members voted for the action following the breakdown of enterprise negotiations with Qantas.

It would be the largest disruption to the nation’s air travel since the 1989 pilots’ strike.

Tensions mounted between the two sides yesterday, with informal talk of bringing the action closer to Christmas — traditionally the busiest time for Australia’s airlines.

ALAEA federal secretary Steve Purvinas said the engineers were loath to disrupt Christmas and new year travel but strike action could go ahead if Qantas took hostile action.

“ALAEA won’t be acting before January 9,” Mr Purvinas said. “The only possibility (of that) would be if Qantas decides to start locking out employees.

“We don’t want to disrupt the holiday or Christmas and new year, and hopefully we can have meaningful discussions with the airline.”

A lockout — where the airline sends employees home without pay until further notice and replaces them with casual or other workers — was not in Qantas’s interests, Mr Purvinas said.

Qantas executive general manager engineering David Cox dismissed the suggestion.

“We are not going to do that,” he said.

Kevin Brown, a Qantas executive general manager, said that the airline was committed to finding a solution.

“We will resume negotiations with the union on January 4,” he said.

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