Everyone knows I love my Nap Dream blanket with all my heart. If you remember reading my blog back in February, you will see that buying my blankie was a great highlight in my life. I’ve slept with it every single night since I got it. Now I’m not a freak, I just love to cuddle. Well maybe I am a freak, I have been know to say “hi” to it when I walk in the room! (I’m not joking).

I avoided washing it for the longest time. I wouldn’t use my blanket unless I had taken a shower. I wouldn’t eat food while using my blanket. I did everything in my power to keep it as clean as possible so I would never have to wash it. I just knew that if  I washed it, it would never be the same.



Well, I was right!!!! I washed it a few months ago and it just never was the same. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still wonderful. But that happy joyous feeling I used to get when I’d pick it up is just diminishing. But, I just figured, “if I never feel the unwashed softness of another Dream blanket, then I won’t miss it and I won’t know the difference.”

Well, the other day I washed it again. I used Woolite even. I did everything possible to prevent the loss of its softness. But its just not the same!! Today I was at a store and I walked by some blankets and one looked like black soft fur. I touched it and my heart sank. It was softer than my beloved woobie. NO BLANKET should be softer than mine! But this one was! It reminded me of my blanket when I first got it. It reminded me of what mine SHOULD feel like.

So now i just feel torn. I feel like I could buy a new Dream blanket to get back that warm fuzzy feeling… but it’ll just die over time too! 🙁 I came home and did a google search to see if other people had this problem. I figured maybe someone has a cure to revive the softness. But I found nothing. This seriously makes me sad. I’m not even exaggerating…I really want a new soft one, but I’m attached and devoted to mine.

Please somebody find a cure for my favorite fluffy friend.



2 thoughts on “Dream Dilemma”

  1. my mom’s down comforter said to do that… but I don’t just have clean random tennis balls lying around. does that really work? And if so… WHY does it work?

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