Just went to the Asian super-market and bought this entire pound of soybeans for $2.90. Beats the 10 measly beans we got yesterday for $5.00. I’m a lot happier now.

Sydney Week 2 064 (Small) (2).jpgSydney Week 2 (Small).jpg

2 thoughts on “Edamame Update”

  1. I’m so glad things are going well. What’s this about the problems with the visa:( We need to hang out and celebrate our turing “old” when you return. You look so happy Elsja, it’s great to see you like that. By the way I got a job and I’m moving to Long Beach- only, not soon enough b/c I have to pay off some bills first. But when I move, please come over and hang out- I’ll cook chicken breast and we can watch movie and hang out- Nick is awesome to hang out with too- we’ll make you part of our little family- which includes my cat that Nick is allergic to!:(

    I miss you.. continue to have lots and lots of fun, and I’ll see you soon. Be safe!
    Love ya,

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