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First and foremost I’d like to discuss Gray’s Online. I think this is going to be one of the best sites we’ve ever discovered. It’s an online auction where you can buy all kinds of stuff (i.e. wine). We bought a case of wine- 12 bottles for 34 bucks! 🙂 I’ts like 2 buck chuck… but better- and it’s delivered right to your door 🙂 They have daily wine sales so you just go online- pick out the kind you want and bid.  Rather than paying 10-15 per bottle, we will just buy all of our wine online from now on. If it tastes like crap, we’ll just buy another case of a different variety. So exciting.

In other news- last night was the Grand Final of Footy, a.k.a. Football, a.k.a. Rugby. This event is like our superbowl- but on a smaller scale. We went out to a cool place called Cabana Bar to watch the game and celebrate Andrew’s friend’s birthday. We only made it through the first half because I was tired and Andrew had to wake up at 4am today. The first half is 40 minutes- and by 40 minutes I mean 40 minutes. US football quarters are 12 minutes but they last probably 40 minutes each. But in this game- 40 minutes is 40 minutes. It’s SO nice. But, that also means no timeouts really and no changing of teams… and THAT means no fun commercials to watch like we have during superbowl. However; there was 1 really cool commercial that I loved.


This weekend I also went up to the Oaks (a pub/bar up the street) with some of Andrew’s friends. He was away over night for work- but I managed to get out and actually stay up until 12 which is about 3 hours later than I usually manage to stay awake. Yesterday I went with Andrew’s family to a BBQ brunch (again Andrew sadly had to work). But I got to hang with andrew’s whole family (minus a few brothers) and I got to see Benn and Tanya’s new baby, Amelia. She’s so tiny and sweet. I’ll post some pictures later.

Today is Labor day in Australia so everyone has the day off. Andrew should be home from work soon so I’m off for now.


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