So, here’s an update on my sweet dog.

Emmi went in for Surgery on Tuesday to remove the tumor in her mouth. It had grown so big, that they actually had to cut out part of her jaw right below her bottom front teeth (the teeth were taken out as well). So, literally the two sides of her jaw on the left and right are no longer attached in the middle.

She wouldn’t eat at first, (I wouldn’t either if part of my jaw was cut out!) but once my mom finally could get her to take the pain meds, then she ate and drank.

My mom said Emmi has now been happier and perkier than before she had her mouth cut open. The tumor must have been causing a lot of pain. I was so happy to hear that Emmi has been doing really well, eating and drinking and just being happy!

But today we got the diagnosis from the biopsy. She does in fact have cancer šŸ™ They don’t know if they got it all out when they removed it on Tuesday, so there is a high probability that it will come back. It’s very aggressive so it could come back quickly and it also attacks the bones.

I just hope and pray that even if it does come back, it won’t come back too quickly so I can see her again before it gets bad and we have to put her down. I hope she can just remain happy, perky and pain free for a little bit longer šŸ™‚

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. good to hear she’s on the mend – and eating so quickly! dude, when i go to the dentist for a cleaning i don’t eat for a day or two cause my mouth is sore.

    she’s a trooper!

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