Every time I go to the quiznos by my sister’s house (which is usually once a week when I work out here)… I get the SAME thing. Smoked turkey with cheese and mustard, COLD. 🙂 Now, I realize quiznos is known for it’s warm toasty subs. Well, good for them! But, I’ll still take mine cold please!!

So anyways, every week, I order from the same guy and he takes my order and the same girl puts the turkey and cheese on. I still don’t really understand their assembly line process of making a sandwich- but whatever. So this is always our conversation:

Me: “can you keep it cold please?”
Quiznos Guy: “cold?”
Me: “yes, cold”

EVERY WEEK! Same conversation. EVERY WEEK, the assembly line girl next to him starts to put it in the toaster. NOOOOOO! STOP with your toasty madness!!!!

So then the conversation continues:

Me: “NO! not toasted!!! Cold please!”
Assembly line girl: BLANK STARE OF CONFUSION
Quiznos guy: “Spanish translation blah blah”
Girl: Removes my sandwich from toaster

So, today, I actually think I hear the guy translate immediately, BEFORE assembly girl makes the horrible mistake. Soooo, I walk down to pay. Well, obviously she STILL didnt understand because my sandwich came out warm and gooey. Sick.

Now, ok fine if there are Spanish speaking workers here. OK. no problem. But, if you are taking my order… you should at least understand WHAT I am ordering!! Right?

Does anyone know how to say NOT TOASTED in Spanish?

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