Feathered and Furry Friends

So we had some more visitors. This time it was Lucy and Leo and they stopped by for a quick bite. They’re a little more shy than Percy and Petunia, so they didn’t stay long- but I did get a few quick pictures of them to share with you all.

04-08 Birdies 003 (Small).jpg

04-08 Birdies 007 (Small).jpg

On a sadder note, my poor sweet puppy is not well. She had a growth removed from her mouth today that they think may be cancer. They also had to remove some of her front teeth and her little jaw was broken. She must be so scared and in so much pain. I just wish I could be there to give her cuddles. She’s always been such a sweet dog and we really bonded before I moved. She would just come and chill in my room with me while I packed. She’d come hang out in the bathroom with me while I took a bath. She is just such a loveable little pet. While she is old, I never imagined she would get cancer. I thought she would just die peacefully in her sleep one night. We won’t know the biopsy results for a few days, but I guess it doesn’t look good. Plus the doctor said there’s a risk she may just not eat because of her jaw being broken. While she could afford to lose a few pounds, it wouldn’t be good if she stopped eating. I just miss and love my poochie and it makes me really sad to know that we may have to put her to sleep.

Here’s my Emmi just chillin… poor Emmi. Just please keep her in your thoughts because she means a lot to me.


5 thoughts on “Feathered and Furry Friends”

  1. I’m sorry about your puppy. My dog is like my child and I don’t know what I would do without her. My heart goes out to you.

  2. Sorry about the puppy…

    On another subject, if you want to do P&P a favour, don’t give them bread or seeds. Lorikeets have a brush like tongue (they normally eat nectar) and those types of food can damage it. Go for grapes cut in half, or anything fruity or juicy. They seem to never get enough of those grapes when I lived in Kirribilli.

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