3-06 Australia 079 (Small).jpg…who is bummed that all my posts lately seem to be about things I will miss when I leave – (even though in that picture over there I know he is just thinking about how excited he is that I am coming soon)!

Here is a list of things I am looking forward to In Australia!

1. Seeing Andrew (especially in his new pilot uniform with hat and all!)

2. Hugging Andrew

3. Kissing Andrew

4. Thai food from one of the 3 fab places by his house… or maybe even a new one or two. But we definitely will NOT be going back to Chili Lime Too!

5. Being able to walk to the grocery store to buy food for lunch, or dinner… or anything really

6. Working in the mornings and going to the beach in the afternoons.

7. Going out in all new places.

8. More wine tasting weekends… I hope we get to do more of those!

9. Being able to go on beautiful walks.

10. Cooking and drinking wine with Andrew.

11. Another summer!

12. Getting to skip the dark part of the year when daylight savings time ends.

13. Not having to count down the days before we have to say goodbye again.

14. Maltesers  and Tim Tams (even though I can get these at Cost Plus… it’s more exciting in Sydney)

15. And finally (because I have to end this list at some point)… the most important one of all. – Starting my life with the boy I love more than anything!

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