I will actually post something good about driving in traffic. Traffic is one of my least favorite things in the whole world but some good things have been happening in the world of traffic lately that make me happy.

1. College is back in session! At the begining of the summer traffic got horrific and it was taking me about 40-50 minutes to get home every day- even if I waited to leave until 6:30. If I left earlier than that-I’d be screwed and it wouldnt take me less than 50 minutes. Well, the last few weeks- it’s only been taking me about 30 minutes. It was like a miracle when it first started happening- and now it’s continuing and it makes me so happy.

2. Traffic travel time signs. I look forward to the sign like this on the 405 every day on my drive home. It always says the same two things:

Beach Blvd: x minutes

605 Freeway: x minutes

traffic.jpgAs I approach it, I squint and try really hard to decipher the times. Does it say 10 minutes or is that 20?? It’s a big surprise every day. 

For reference- Beach: 10 minutes, 605: 15 minutes is GOOD. Well, some days I drive by the sign and see 25 minutes to beach and 35 to 605. Damn, thats when I know it will take me awhile to get home. But lately- it has consistently been about 10-15 minutes. I get so excited every time I drive by and see those magic numbers because I know it won’t take me forever to get home.

3.People that tailgate me and get mad that im ONLY going 75mph and they try to drive around me but get stuck behind someone slower in the next lane and I just smile and give a little chuckle as I pass them….. hahahah – that was a long one. It really makes me happy when people are dicks and then they get screwed by their own stupid actions.


And lastly- I just thought I would point out that today on my way home I felt like singing really loud in my car. I hardly do this- but I was in the mood (probably in a good mood because of the 3 points above). But… I feel like a dumbass singing in the car because you know everyone around you is looking at you thinking “wow that girl is rocking out.”

Soooo… I decided to hold my phone up to my head as I sang. Seriously. HAHAHAHHAHA – then it just looked like I was talking on the phone.

So gay.

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