Well my first weekend here in Sydney is over and I have already accomplished all my goals for my trip:

Seeing my boyfriend- check

Eating yummy Thai food- check

Lying in the sun- check

But, I do plan on doing all these things continuously throughout the next 3 weeks as well 🙂

Our first weekend was nice. Beautiful weather- sunny and warm. It was perfect for our trip to the beach, a BBQ & for going out at night wearing a dress- haven’t done that in forever!! Saturday we spent a few hours shopping at a mall to find a new duvet -(another extremely large mall that you could totally get lost in- like my last experience here). They even had a store that looked very similar to Crate and Barrel, this made me very happy since I love that place:) It looked so much like C & B that Andrew asked the staff inside if it was a related store. The girl smirked and said no, it’s just similar. I found this very odd since the name of the store was WHEEL AND BARROW…  hmm sounds oddly like CRATE AND BARREL… Strange.

After shopping we spent several hours at Andrew’s friend Tim’s house. Tim is from the U.S. and coincidentally just happened to live in Huntington Beach for several years. We had a good time but we were a little out of our element because I think we were the only couple with no kids. Tim’s mother-in-law made some fabulous rice salad… I can’t even explain it but it was wonderful. I will make every attempt possible to get the recipe so you can all try it.

Later that night, we met up with Andrew’s younger brother Ben and his friends. You see, the drinking age here is 18 and Ben just had his 18th birthday a few weeks ago. Andrew asked if I minded hanging out with a “bunch of 18 year olds” and I said of course not because it was his brother and friends. Well, what i didnt realize is that the club/bar we went to was going to be ALLLLL 18 year olds too. And I guess the 80’s fashion is still in style here because there were girls wearing sweatbands on their heads and other obnoxious, hideous 80’s styles. Luckily not everyone was so out of date… It was $15 bucks to get in!!! Geez… we almost said no way in hell- but then found out drinks were only 3 bucks each so we figured it would even out. Yeah- it probably would have if we stayed long enough to buy a few drinks. The line at the bar was probably 20 minutes long so we only waited in it once…and it was so strange to see a bunch of high-school aged guys and girls ordering alcohol. I just am not used to that since we can’t drink til 21.

Sooo anyways… yesterday Andrew and I went to Balmoral beach for a few hours and then went and saw his mom and his brothers Simon and Ben for a few. We ate some yummy cherry cake that his mom made and drank some tea- which was good but i think it was making me sweat since it was just so hot out. We watched Ben’s skydiving video- it was pretty crazy. Definitely looks fun, but I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to do it.  Then we went to his dads, hung out for a bit and watched the last episode of heroes and ate some dinner.  It was a nice relaxing day- really hot, but nice 🙂

Today is gloomy and windy and grey out. I got up this morning with a determination to go running down to Cremorne point (I decided I wont gain 8 lbs on this trip like I did on the last one). I was happy to see it looked kinda cooler out- but then I realized that may not be a good thing since it kinda looked like it was going to rain. Well I took my chances and ran/walked anyways and luckily the rain clouds spared me. Andrew is at work today so I just did some work and ran some errands etc… nothing really too exciting to report- other than the fact that we are getting some more Thai food tonight. 🙂 YEESSS!

Ok I’ll stop now. I know this is too long for most people to read without getting bored… but I had a whole weekend to report on. I really lag with pictures this trip. I’ve only taken a few so far. Seems like the pictures get less and less with each trip. I guess I can only take photos of the same things so many times before no one really cares anymore 🙂

Hope everyone had a nice weekend in the U.S.A 🙂

12 thoughts on “G’day From Down Under”

  1. wheel and barrow — crate and barrel??? either you’re in the same story, or this is a start to a really boring lost episode.

  2. I have an idea….you should go through your whole trip without talking about food. But then you wouldn’t be able to blog. 🙂 Anyways….for someone who is so food conscience, I find it amusing. Love ya!

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