For some Qantas pilots to invade your cities. Qantas just announced that for the next 3 years, the official hotel of all their pilots will no longer be the Sheraton in downtown LA… it will now be the Newport Marriott. Quite a long?trek?from LAX… but who cares???Do you know how excited this makes me?? Well… this means that when Andrew starts flying internationally (and if he flies?to LA), he will now have a free shuttle that will take him within 15 minutes of my friends and family! Really it won’t impact me much- but it’s still exciting.

AND… this also means I can hop on a flight with him and we can go lounge in the Marriott pool during the summer!?:)

I hope the slutty fake boobie?barbies in Newport are ready for some Aussie pilots to take over their bars. Seriously… if all the OC hobags?knew what was about to be coming to them on a regular basis, they might just wet themselves?! They just better not think about messing with my pilot!! I’d have to kick some fake blonde, fake tanned ass!

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