Here are some things that make me sad about getting old:

1. I hung out with my best friends tonight and we tried to schedule another time that we could ALL get together (mind you there’s just 4 of us) and we literally got to the middle of august in our calendars before we all had a free night to spare. All these trips and weddings and showers and plans that occupy our time as we become adults. We used to hang out every weekend and now we have to schedule a month in advance!

2. Jen claims that we are too old to celebrate our birthday all weekend (“birthday weekends” as people call them). Well, not that I ever really want to do that anymore- but the fact that she thinks we’re too old sucks! That’s ok though cause shannon said if Jen thinks that way, shes just going to turn into a crabby old lady one day while we are all turning 75 and drinking cocktails while we par-tay!

3. Two words: Age spots

4. The idea of going to clubs and bars EVERY weekend makes me want to vomit! Sure, once in awhile fine… but I used to live for going out. Now I just would rather drink wine and watch a movie or something. Actually- I just realized- this point doesnt make me sad at all about getting old. I’m kinda glad I’ve grown up and out of the party mode. While I do enjoy a night out from time to time, It’s cool that I can be content and have a nice quiet night in.

5. Everyone around me is getting married, having babies, buying houses and becoming workaholics. Again, it doesn’t make me sad to think about getting married or buying a house, but having babies and becoming a workaholic are definitely things I’m not ready for.

6. I enjoy crafting and painting and playing cards. Hmm… that doesnt make me too sad actually.

7. Buying household goods and kitchen items excites me more at the moment than finding a cute shirt to wear on Friday night. Hmmm… not so sad about that either.

Ok so nevermind, most of these things don’t really make me sad. But that’s even scarier… maybe I’m actually happy to be getting older! Now THAT is a sad thought!

2 thoughts on “Getting so Old”

  1. HAHAHAHA. i can’t wait until shannon is the 60-year old lady still having babies. with 14 little ones running after her. she will wear mooo-mooo’s and have the biggest blonde hair-do ever!

  2. I can’t wait til Amanda is 82 and has moved on to her 48th state, still with her learners permit, dyed bright red hair and kickin’ her breasts as she walks around her apartment!!!

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