Well everyone… I know this last 2 months has been tough without me back in Cali- but I will be gracing the good ol’ US of A with my presence soon enough. I’ll be “home” on March 12th. OMG that’s next week! I’ll be there an entire 23 days so hopefully I get a lot of quality time with family and friends. Although one friend has kind of monopolized the time a bit due to her shotgun wedding plans šŸ™‚ But she’s my best friend ever and she’s worth it.

I booked my ticket today to come back. I’m pretty sure it didn’t cost much more than my last trip from California to Texas. Gotta love staff travel!!

Things I want to do when I’m back…anyone care to join me?

  • go to In?N Out
  • go to don joses
  • go to this new place I’ve never tried – Counter Burger

Other great things that will happen in the next month:

  • I’ll see Amanda and Alison. Everyone will be back in one place!
  • Jen’s shower, bachelorette party and her and James’ wedding will be super fun
  • My niece Emma will turn 5! Oh she’s so big. I can’t wait to see her and Preston
  • I plan on painting something REALLY cool at Emma’s Color-me-mine birthday party
  • I will stock up on alcohol, bisquick, green chilis, reeses pieces and other necessities that I can’t find in Australia at reasonable prices

See you all next week!

7 thoughts on “Going Back to Cali”

  1. please please please please stick me in your suitcase!!! I wannnnnnnnaaaa go home!!! Seriously though… I hope you have a really great trip and enjoy your fun, family, and friend filled 23 days. I am totally envious!

  2. Green chillis! Haha… I buy those from the USA store in Melb… I used the last of them a few nights ago and I was very sad! Can you bring them through customs?! Must let me know for future reference… HAVE FUN!!!

  3. you sound like me!!! my list of things to do when i go home always starts with don joses’s in & out burger and DEL TACO! for the little while that i’m there, you’ll have company for all of those places. don’t eat them too much before i get there, cause then you’ll be sick of it!

  4. have a wonderful time visiting with family and being part of your best friend’s wedding. it sounds like the time will go by fast!

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