This weekend, Andrew and I went to the Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney. Can I just say that it was the best thing EVER? Ok, not EVER… but it was stupendous. I love food and wine and I LOVE free samples of food and wine even more. Most of the stuff was pretty average, your typical samplings of jams, oils, crackers, chocolate, sausages, dukkah and dressings. They also had a few booths with things like noodles, pasta and mousse. I had a few sips of champagne here and there as well, but I definitely didn’t take advantage of the MANY MANY wine booths. Oh well… next year. I bought a few goodies, but not too many- it was more fun just trying all the stuff for free*

*I like to pretend I didn’t pay for tickets, then my brain THINKS all the samples were free 🙂

The only bad thing about the show is that it was SOOOO damn crowded! That place was a definite fire hazard/death trap waiting to happen if something blew up! Why all the mayhem? Well I’m sure the fact that Mr. F*&K OFF himself was present (Gordon Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares). Trying to get a glimpse of him at his book signing was… well I like to say it was like attempting to get a glimpse of the Beatles on tour in a Japanese Airport (not that I know or anything… but hey, I watch TV, I see what it was like)! Ramsay is a God here. Unfortunately, his demonstration shows were already sold out by the time I bought tickets so we saw Matt Moran instead. Matt’s a very popular Aussie Chef and he too has a TV show, but he’s doesn’t have quite the *personality* that Ramsay does. During Matt’s show, Ramsay made a few “cameo” appearances from behind the curtain when he started throwing things onto the stage and then got on the Mic and started telling Mr. Moran that he was boring. Pretty entertaining, good thing they are friends or it might have gotten ugly!

I wish I could say we got a better picture of GR at his book signing, but again… it was impossible. Nonetheless, here you go…


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