An email I got yesterday:

Hello Elsja ,
I have received your documents today. Thank you.
The vessel that your goods are on have arrived into Sydney.
We are now organising to pick up your freight from the wharf either tomorrow or Thursday.
The vessel your freight was on is the MAERSK PHUKET.
Once Boltt receives your freight from the wharf we them bring it back to our warehouse to customs clear & quarantine inspect & clear your fright.



So hopefully I’ll have everything in the next 2 weeks after it clears customs!

I think the funniest part is the vessel that my stuff came in on. I kept asking my 2 shipping companies why this boat had?came to Sydney and?then left to New Zealand?(when I tracked it) and the shipping companies just kept saying “it switched boats in singapore” – but, they didn’t know which boat it was switched to.

When I tracked the container and found that it had came and left as well, I emailed the?companies asking what the deal was and?I was told that?my stuff?switched containers too! WTF?

None of it made sense and I emailed the shipping companies numerous times for clarification as to why no one knew which boat or container all my stuff was on. No one really had any easy answers for me… but it turns out that?I was right all along. The boat (Maersk Phuket) and container?it came in on WERE the ones?that I was tracking the whole time.

Leave it to Google to provide me more accurate information than 2 shipping companies that?I PAID to look after my stuff!

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