So all my blogging friends always have these great stories of how people find their sites. With our traffic trackers, we are able to see what people type into google before they click on the links to our pages. Until today, no one has ever typed ANYTHING interesting into google to find my site. The most common search term that leads people to me?is Arnold Schwarzenegger… all due to a photo I used?of him in one of my “sweaty men at the gym are gross”?posts… go figure.?But today, there was a real winner!

Someone?googled: “Lesbian toilet slave stories”

Seriously… what is wrong with people??? Naturally, I was very curious as to how that search actually lead them to my site. I mean, I don’t really remember writing any lesbian toilet slave stories recently.

Well leave it up to good ol’ SPAM commenting to bring me readers. I used to get really annoyed with these bullshit comments. I’ve spent hours upon hours deleting them left and right and there’s just no way to make them stop. But now I’ve realized something…Spam comments on my blog like “black girls deep throat” and “women flashing their panties” are actually bringing traffic to my site!! Probably not the type of people I want reading my blog, but traffic nonetheless.

Maybe I’ll leave a few of those random comments up from time to time. Never know what kind of freaks they will attract!

6 thoughts on “Google Searching”

  1. Damnit…

    In an attempt to delete these spam comments (which I said I wouldn’t do) I accidentally deleted my last 7 REAL comments). It’s not like I get many, so I am sad to see them go. That’s what I get for doing something I said I wouldn’t do! šŸ™

  2. Hey Elsja!! It’s Nikki from YDU (Sallynec5). I must say your blog is HILARIOUS!!! Throughout the last few posts I have been cracking up – I love the humor and sarcastic tone in your writing. Thanks for brightening my day! šŸ™‚

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