Arnold_Schwarzenegger.jpgWhy is there even a requirement to bring a workout towel to the gym? It is ALWAYS the men who are pouring out sweat from every inch of their body who just seem to never have a towel!! People like me who get a tiny bit of sweat on our forheads are considerate enough to bring a towel- but the stinky, nasty, dripping ones just dont care! Maybe they like to sweat because it makes them look macho and buff or something. Too bad their fat guts disprove any fantasy they may have that they will be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger! And they definitely aren’t attracting the ladies with sweaty neck hair!

Tonight the guy next to me on the eliptical was literally dripping and SPRAYING sweat all over the place. It was like a leaky roof during a heavy rain, just a constant drip drip drip. Almost even a constant flow like a faucet!! I look around, no towel. And then, it happened… I felt some land on my arm. At that point I almost went to the front desk to complain (seriously, that’s WHY they have a towel requirement)! I then noticed a tiny cloth shoved in his cupholder underneath his MP3 player and keys. Ummmm… doesn’t he realize what that towel is for? It’s for the disgusting sweat spewing out of every one of his nasty pores! Its guys like him that lie on the sit up machines, do their work and then get up and leave their nasty head sweat ring just lingering on the machine without wiping it up.  GROSS!

3 thoughts on “Gross”

  1. i admit, i am a sweater. at the gym i turn into the “red sweater”. i get beat red and the end of my ponytail gets sweaty from rubbing on my back. while i can’t help this, i ALWAYS use a towel. i am constatly wiping off. and i do not sweat so much that i sprinkle onto other people.

    and this reply was lame.


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