Does anyone shed as much hair as I do? I’m pretty sure that between all the hair that my vacuum picks up, the hair in the shower, in my brush and the hair that magically appears on my clothes,?on?andrew’s socks & jackets, in the couch, car and bed… I could make a full length wig. Does anyone else have this problem? Can I just say how happy I am to be blonde lately because at least it camouflages into everything it touches. I just can’t help it… it’s too long and it just falls out. I can’t belive I’m not bald by now. I really can’t!

Oh and can someone please tell me how you go about finding a decent priced stylist you can trust in a new city! (Oh, and one that is within walking/bus distance). I actually know a few people who do hair here- but they are all too far! I thought I’d hold off and just try to get my hair done every time I went home to CA. But the last time I did that was in March and I won’t be back until August and my hair can’t go much longer. It permanently looks greasy (even when I’ve just washed it) due to the darker roots.

Speaking of hair… I’m off to go blowdry and straighten it. I’m about to brush another million hairs out of my head for Andrew to vacuum up šŸ™‚

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  1. My hair falls out at an alarmingly rate too. But I know at least some of it is growing back cause I always have little hairs sprouting from the top. Good luck finding a stylist.

  2. I haven’t actually done any research on this, but I keep telling myself losing a lot of hair is just part of getting older. Mine has been falling out at alarming rates in the last year or two. Being blonde I never noticed any hair in the shower so if I ever used someone else’s shower it totally grossed me out even though I know logically that’s normal- but now there’s so much you can totally tell and I completely gross myself out! So long story short, I am sure it is just part of “growing up”.

  3. i never noticed i lost hair until i grew it out – now that it’s long it’s EVERYWHERE. but at least it’s long and blonde and not dark and curly. ew.

  4. Hi Elsja-
    I FINALLY found a place to get my hair done in Sydney. I went to Toni & Guy Academy (Paddington – quick & easy 10 min bus trip from CBD) and was a ‘hair model’ and got a really nice haircut for $23. Yep, $23. The catch is, since it’s a training academy it took 2 hours. But that’s cool cause there is an instructor there with the student the entire time. I used to go to Gene Juarez Salon in Seattle and used their training academy for a good affordable cut. Of course if you have $75++ for a professional hair professional – you can go check out the Sydney locations at website. Good luck!

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