Halloween is so different in Australia. Only a few select areas even have kids who trick or treat. Most of Andrew’s friends weren’t allowed to dress up for candy as kids, such a shame. NO ONE decorates- at least nowhere I’ve seen. I’d go as far as to say it doesn’t even exist here; however, last night I found out there ARE a few people who celebrate. Like the group of teenagers outside my apartment. They were CLEARLY “celebrating” halloween. We were lying in bed around 11 (as we do here on Halloween because there’s nothing else to do) and I faintly heard something that sounded like screaming or dogs barking. Too lazy to get up, I just ignored it- until a few minutes later, it became louder. So I went to peek out my window to find the source of the annoying sounds. Sure enough, there was a large group (maybe 10-12) of teenagers cruising in front of our apartment building. No costumes, no HINT of the Halloween spirit- yet for some reason they still decided that Halloween was reason enough to “celebrate” and act like drunk buffoons all up and down the streets of Mosman.

They decided to take a seat on the wall out front while they smoked their cigarettes and stumbled around trying not to fall over… as drunk, obnoxious teenagers do.

And WHY must the girls scream at the top of their lungs? Are they really THAT deaf? Literally… SCREAMING and YELLING at your friends who are 3 feet away is very unnecessary.

Then they started pushing over this little fence that’s on the sidewalk blocking some pipe or something. Destroying property is always a “smart” idea… but of course, that’s what drunk obnoxious teenagers do!

Then I was even more entertained as one of the boys and one of the girls stood in the middle of the street fighting. This was the good stuff! I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I found it amusing when the boy looked like he spat in the girl’s face. Then she ran back sobbing to all of her friends still perched on our wall and started mumbling about how “he just doesn’t understand.” CLEARLY neither does she- or any teenagers for that matter. Oh I wish they could all see how stupid they look.

Andrew said we should throw an egg at them.

I have to say, my favorite part of the entire 10 minute voyeuristic adventure was when one of our neighbors decided to take things into his own hands to get rid of these punks. He yelled out his window to try to get them to leave. But it wasn’t a “hey, can you keep it down” or “move along kids, we’re trying to sleep.” Nah, that’s not how they do it here in Australia.

Instead, he yelled “OI! FUCK OFF KIDS!”

That was my thought exactly. I’m pretty sure it was the sobbing teenage girl who replied so politely (as drunk, obnoxious teenagers do) by saying “Fuck off and go back into your apartment, we’re just trying to have some fun on Halloween!”

I miss the good old days when we were 15… STILL dressing up… and STILL more interested in getting as much candy as possible than getting wasted with our lame ass friends.

Happy Halloween to my friends and family back in the states. I’m really missing out this year! 🙁

5 thoughts on “Halloween Down Under”

  1. We unpacked our Halloween decorations (which I bought at Marshalls in the U.S. and are sooo awesome) and tomorrow I’ll put them away. We actually went to a public Halloween party at a primary school– the kids loved it.
    As for the obnoxious teens, we had our share in our hood!

  2. “Most of Andrew’s friends weren’t allowed to dress up for candy as kids”

    That’s not true at all, my friend’s and I used to go trick or treating all the time. The main difference between here and there is that the ‘trick’ part comes into it way more often when people yell from behind the door “piss off we’re not american”.

    That’s why we used to carry eggs, super glue, flour, and soda bulbs wrapped with crushed sparklers in foil to blow the shit out of their letterbox. The trick part was way more fun than getting crappy chocolate.

  3. Hey, that sounds like just another Saturday night at my old flat building in Nightcliff! *g*

    I’ve decided that Australia doesn’t need Halloween after all, when it’s got the Melbourne Cup Carnival only a week later. Did you see some of the costumes there? Crikey.

    And of course, any occasion is an excuse to get drunk! (right Audra? LMAO j/k)

  4. Well you simply have to create what you want here in relation to some things Elsja;) I had a party for the nieces and nephew—must indoctrinate! Next year we will have a huge halloween party with friends and will even allow them to bring their kiddies, and each year that I have more money and time, the outdoor decorations will get more intense.

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