Here are a few fun, not so fun, scary and gross things that have happened over the last few days here in Australia.

First the Fun:

1. Andrew took me on a date to Wagamamas… yum. Sorry Jen- had to talk about food, but at least you can appreciate Wagamamas!!

2. Continued the night on Friday with Andrew, Sinead, Paul (andrew’s roommate) and some of Sinead’s friends. We  started off at a bar down by Circular Quay and then after a few drinks we headed to Cargo. By this time the blisters on my feet were in full blown OUCH mode, luckily I brought some flip flops to change into- just in case. The night progressed with some more drinks and more fun… and thanks to Sinead’s “one more drink” request- I went ahead and bought that ONE last drink… you know that one that just pushes you RIGHT over the edge. The one that determines whether or not you wake up feeling fine… or feeling like hell. Yes, that drink.

3-07 Australia week 1 054 (Small).jpg

Thanks for that Sinead!

But, I must say- I was happy to discover a new favorite drink. I’m sure you are all familiar with jager bombs… well, when jager and redbull are just mixed as a drink- this delicious concoction tastes like Smarties. Yum.

3-07 Australia week 1 052 (Small).jpg

Now For the Not so Fun:

1. My hangover Saturday morning. That’s all I really have to say about that.

The Scary/Gross:

1. Saturday night Andrew and I went with some of his friends to a Thai place down in Manly. Just a little hole in the wall type restaurant. Andrew and I had about a 10-15 minute long conversation with his friends Aaron and Alicia about bugs. Roaches in particular. Don’t ask why- but we just got on the subject and didnt stop (this was before we got our food). We shared all the miserable stories we could think of. Then, we managed to change topics- thank God.

Well about half way into dinner, out of the corner of my eye I see something black land on Aaron and he started kinda swatting at something. We all looked at him in fear as he told us it was a giant cockroach looking bug. Of course all the girls proceeded to put our feet up on our chairs since none of us could see where it went. Then, 30 seconds later- we see it…. A GIANT roach bug thing crawling up the wall.

Andrew’s friend Bec started yelling at her boyfriend to move so she could get out her of her chair since it was crawling right behind her. She said she thinks it was the biggest one she had ever seen. Well after a couple of minutes of people scrambling in their chairs and other restaurant-goers kinda staring to see what was going on (and thanking God that they were at a different table) it started to crawl up on the ceiling- now we really started freaking. Aaron tried to hit it and it fell on the ground- after it used its wing like things to fly for a second. Eventually, a waitress killed it.

To top off the experience, an older man sitting at a table said to me “well, now you know what you’re having for dessert.”

GROSS. it was awful!


2. I have been informed that it is very common to find these spiders in your car. I discovered this was common after 2 people shared their stories of finding them on their window- INSIDE- while driving. Andrew later explained that this happens all the time. No thanks!



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