Since Ryan Shaverdi’s (I won’t link him since he bashes our blogs) birthday was yesterday, a little party was thrown in his honor at the Chateau des Nicole, Pete, Tai, Adrian and Redman. Damn, that is a full house!! Well their new pad is perfect for throwing parties, so everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, including me!foosball

I spent a little time playing foosball. Okay, actually A LOT of time- and now my forearms and hands are hating me for it!

We also spent a lot of time drinking the CC… then, we played some more foosball. I’m sorry to say, my skills were not as impressive after a few drinks. Too bad for me.

Unfortunately, although I thought I figured out how to get all my pictures to upload easily… I was wrong. So instead of trying to spend hours formatting them, I am just putting in these 2. Even these took me forever to put in. How boring right? Oh well. One day maybe it will be better. s Bday 029 (Small).jpg





My Blogging skills have not yet been perfected. That is clearly obvious. I really hope that in time, like my foosball talent, my picture importing talent will also imporve with practice 🙂


Oh, I should also mention that last night I went on a date with my bestest friends Jen, Nicole and Shannon.

We went to yummmmmmy Tantalum in Long Beach (one of my faves) and then we saw “The Devil Wears Prada.” It was really cute of course.

It was a fun weekend! This week should be great too because I get to go see Muse twice! YAY! And then, it will be one less week until I get to see my love. Only 25 days left til I leave! Woohoo!

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