I really wasn’t looking forward to turning 29! I think this is the first birthday I did not care about AT ALL. It just kinda creeped up on me and then bam! there it was, I was 29. I knew Andrew had to work on my birthday as well, so that was even more the reason to not care. BUT… little did I know that Andrew had changed his flight so he could take me to a REALLY nice lunch. He planned it all on his own and it was wonderful. We went down to Wolfie’s in the Rocks. We had a great view of the bridge and the Opera House!  We enjoyed some delicious bread and I had spinach ravioli while Andrew had crab gnocchi. A birthday lunch just wouldn’t be a birthday lunch without a couple of glasses of champagne. It was perfect 🙂



Since Andrew had to work that night, our friends Kris, Tess and Alex took me out to dinner at Soprano’s in Mosman. I had yummy pizza, good wine, great company and even had chocolate cake with a sparkler. It was a really nice dinner!



AND THEN… if that wasn’t enough, Andrew’s brother Paul and his girlfriend Veronica stopped by with more wine, a cupcake and some chocolates.


My blah birthday that I wasn’t looking forward to ended up being GREAT! I’m glad to have such good friends here who didn’t want me to spend my birthday night alone.

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