Happy New Year everyone!

We spent the day/night down at Cremorne Point with a bunch of people, drinks and food! There’s a cool public pool that kept us from melting too much in the sun and the crowds were lively. Everyone was having a great time!



HERE are some more photos if anyone wants to check out what a Sydney NYE looks like 🙂

The fireworks were great, although I have to admit- I was a little disappointed since they had been built up as the BEST and most expensive fireworks display in the world. I guess when you go around announcing that, it makes people expect A LOT. Andrew was disappointed as well because he thought last year’s were even better than this year’s. Oh well, they were still beautiful and the grand finale made it all worth it. Check out a video of the finale  HERE (it’s shakey, but you get the idea). I also get to cross off another of my 101 list- #46. Watch the fireworks over Sydney harbour on NYE.



My crutches really helped out when it came to using the bathroom. Rather than waiting in the huge lines, some people at a sausage stand let me use their port-a-potty, which was surprisingly clean! The crutches weren’t too fabulous later in the night though when we had to walk all the way home. Roads were closed and the taxis were sparse (and the ones who WERE working were ASSHOLES who wouldn’t pick anyone up)… I just wanted to get home. 10 hours in the sun (combined with alcohol) makes me tired… and I wasn’t about to wait until 2am for the busses to start coming.

I hope everyone else had a fantastic new year’s eve and I wish you all the best in 2009!

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  1. Glad you guys had fun! That pool would have definitely helped with the heat! I disagree about the fireworks- I thought they were amazing and waaay better than last year! Last year I felt like you- disappointed after all the build up.

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