Things I am thankful for at this moment in time:

1. My family and friends. I miss them tons but I am so lucky to have them all healthy and well.

2. Andrew and I both have jobs. Many people are not so fortunate right now.

3. Thai food. My yummy dinner tonight.

4. Thanksgiving dinner. I’m missing out on the big one in the US, but I’m attempting to make a mini feast tomorrow night. It will be my first attempt ever at making a pumpkin pie all by myself, I’m even using real mashed pumpkin.

5. Andrew. He’s my favorite

6. Yoga. I went for the first time in a LONG time on Monday and I could tell I really needed it. I plan on going once a week from now on. I’d go more if it weren’t so expensive!

7. Online shopping. It’s great for my family and friends back home but oh I WISH they would start offering better online shopping in this country. Seriously… get with the times people!

8. Wine. It’s good.

9. A strong US dollar. Its one of the only perks (for me) of this horrible economy.

10. Organizing and cleaning skills. I’m SO glad I’m not a messy, dirty person. I love my clean house!

Happy Turkey day to all my loved ones (and even those people I just kinda like) back in the US! šŸ˜‰ For all the Aussies who wonder what Thanksgiving is all about… read THIS.

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