I’m mixing up the whole “love/ (don’t) love” blog with my new rendition… Happy Times, Sad Times

Happy Times:

Walking to Balmoral Beach from my apartment is a pretty happy time. I found out I can walk to the beach in a mere 15 minutes! That’s nothing. Even walking back (up a huge hill) wasn’t that bad and only added 5 minutes to my time… making the entire round trip 35 mintues.

The water at the beach is actually clean and you can see your feet when you are in up to your thighs. You probably could see more than that too, but I wouldn’t know since I didn’t go in past my knees. Too cold. Not quite ready for that yet.

Sad Times:

That whole idea about the hole in the ozone layer being directly over Australia- yup… it’s true. My body is not enjoying the outcome of lying underneath a hole in the ozone layer.I feel like pieces of my skin are just going to crack off when I move. I’m THAT crispy….. EVERYWHERE! Stupid stupid Elsja. Too much sun for me!

Happy Times:

Making pumpkin cream cheese “muffins” is definitely a happy time. Eating them is a WAY happier time! Baking something from scratch… even using real fresh pumpkin… was very satisfying. I wasn’t sure how they would turn out because I modified the recipe quite a bit… but they are delish and I’m very proud of my first baking accomplishment. That yummy muffin part on the bottom- that’s more of a gooey pumpkin bar texture when you bite into it- not really muffin-ish. Then that yellowish top- thats a dreamy creamy cheese mixture toped with a crumbly buttery, spicey sugar blend.

very… happy… times.

11-07 Thanksgiving, etc. 019 (Small).jpg


More Happy Times:

Realizing that the kookaburras really aren’t so bad compared to loud trash trucks. It is especially cool when I see them on my balcony fence:

11-07 Misc. Pics 093 (Small).jpg

It’s also cool when I get to see lorikeets in the trees outside. They are so pretty.

Sad Times:

5:50am on Monday and Thursday is a very very sad time. It is the time the recycle trash man comes to our apartment. Mondays aren’t so bad… they just come to our apartment. But Thursdays they stop at every place on the street. It’s horrible.

That’s all from Down Under. More updates- and a blog with Apartment pics soon!

3 thoughts on “Happy Times, Sad Times”

  1. Those muffins look great!! I’m having people over when you are still here so you can come and make those if you want (with canned pumpkin to speed things up a bit).

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