Well it’s been awhile… I lag, I just haven’t had any motivation to blog because I was too busy having fun with my boyfriend for the last 2 weeks. That’s right, Andrew was here for 2 whole weeks. He was only supposed to be here for 10 days, but that was extended a few times. First he changed his flight so he could meet with some pilot people here… then even when he was supposed to leave Wednesday night, he got stuck and couldn’t get on the flight so he was with me until Saturday night 🙂

We had a great time!

We took the train to San Diego for the day and he was really really excited to see the bar where the piano scene in Top Gun was filmed. We also went to the big aircraft carrier so Andrew could drool over some of the crazy jets!

 s Visit 1-07 043 (Small).jpg


We spent the weekend in Palm Springs just hanging out. We got take-out chinese and ate tons of reese’s pieces. We watched a few movies (speaking of which- we rented “the last kiss” i was about halfway through before i realized its  a REMAKE of a foreign film that I’ve already seen. I like how they failed to announce that in all the advertisments!), we played Uno and Yahtzee, drank wine in the jacuzzi… it was a nice relaxing weekend.We also took a trip to the Living Desert in Palm Desert. They had all these cool animals- like a zoo… they had camels, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras and even African Warthogs…. see….

 s Visit 1-07 084 (Small).jpg


We ate out… a lot…

 s Visit 1-07 030 (Small).jpg


It was an amazing 2 weeks… and now we only have 4 more until I get to go back to Sydney.

Until then, I miss my love terribly!



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