Well not too much has gone on in the last few days. 2 nights ago we got some yummy yummy thai food from a place down the street called Bow Thai… hehe how cute. Yesterday Andrew got off work early and we went to the store to buy some more food for dinner and we made chicken burgers last night- pretty tasty! Other than eating and talking… we haven’t done too much since Andrew has been working all week. Tomorrow night I think we are going to a party that one of his friend’s is having and Saturday one of his best friend’s Kris flies in for the night, so I will be able to meet him. I think after I work a bit today (and wash my hair for the first time since I got here) 🙂 I am going to go shopping. Even with as much stuff as I brought, there are a few things I feel like I am missing. It is colder than I anticipated so I need a few more things to keep me warm!

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