Andrew and I had a couple of visitors today. Their names are Percy and Petunia. They just stopped by this afternoon to say hello. Percy came first, and then Petunia showed up. They just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and say hello before they took off. Let me introduce you all to our new friends:

03-08 Birdie 007 (Small).jpg

03-08 Birdie 004 (Small).jpg

This was the first shot I took from inside looking out the blinds. I didn’t want to scare dear Percy away so I didn’t want him to see me… but look, you can just see the cute birdie smile on his face. He wasn’t shy at all, he loved us.

03-08 Birdie 001 (Small).jpg

I hope they come back soon for more snacks. But this time I hope Petunia doesnt crap on our patio… and maybe they can eat up some of the damn caterpillars that are infesting my Basil. That would be great!


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  1. that is so cute! that is a cool thing about Australia that you wouldn’t find anywhere else šŸ™‚ I’m assuming ofcourse šŸ™‚


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