Help Save Some Boobies… And Some Lives!!

I’m posting this for Shannon. This is her deal and I’m proud of her for doing it! Read the message below written by her and help out if you can. I know I will be 🙂

Hello ya’ll!
For those who don’t know already I’m doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I started a team called Walkin’ Chi Chi’s and we need to raise some dinero. Each person needs to raise $1,800! OMG! So if any of you peeps out there can spare some change, I would love you forever and give you a big juicy kiss! All you gotta do is go to my page! Click on the link that says My Avon Walk. There you will be able to make donations! Here are some pictures of me after my 5.2 mile walk today. Do you like my shirt? Go to .

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