Did you know that the US is one of only two countries in the entire world that forces its expat citizens to continuously file taxes even though they no longer reside in the country? Did you know that if I have a child who becomes a citizen of the US, he or she will have to file taxes every year until they die even if he or she never steps foot in the country? Did you know people are actually giving up their US citizenship STRICTLY because of this law? The US is supposed to be the best country so why do so many people want to give it up?

Here’s an idea…live and work in Australia? File and pay taxes here. Live and work in the UK? File and pay taxes there. Live and work in the US? File and pay there. Seems like it makes perfect sense, but of course the US had to go and screw things up with their shitbox policies and now even if you live and work in any other country you still have to file in the US. So basically every year thousands of American expats spend hundreds to thousands of dollars paying for accounting services to file a tax return showing that they owe no money and that the US owes them no money. What is the point? When these returns are filed, US tax payer dollars go towards paying the staff that have to waste time going through these returns, even though there is nothing to pay on either end.

As a resident in Australia, I am paying MORE money to the Australian government than I would to the US and yet the US still needs me to prove that to them even though I haven’t worked on US soil in over 5 years. I know some people make a butt load of money and they actually have to pay dual tax to two countries! WTF? Why on earth should anyone owe anything to the US government if they are not even living there to reap any of the benefits? They don’t use the public school or legal systems. They don’t get their trash collected or visit government funded state parks. THEY DON”T LIVE THERE! Yet everyone still has to file taxes. Re. Tar. Ded.

I’m taking a stand to help overturn this backwards law. Come on USA… get with the times an implement what nearly every other country in the world does- only tax your residents who are living within the country.

You don’t have to be an expat to help our cause… take 5 minutes to sign up (they don’t email you anything) and sign the petition. Pass it along as well, we need all the help we can get.

6 thoughts on “Help the the expats out”

  1. That sounds truly awful! I am moving to Australia soon (Sydney) from Canada. I am glad I get to miss out on this but being a fellow North American, there is no difference between myself and Americans living and working over there! I will sign the petition to help support you!
    p.s. I love you blog, it has really been helpful with my up-coming move šŸ™‚


  2. Hello,
    I’ve enjoyed your blog as I’m someone looking to move abroad to AU. The tax thing is annoying. One of the explanations given to me was that as a US citizen, say you were traveling abroad and got caught up in some political uprising and you were stuck in that country. Your tax dollars are paying for your ‘rescue’. That’s the only explanation that I can somewhat ‘get’, but paying double tax stinks.

  3. Hi BJ and thanks for the message! Where are you thinking of moving to? I guess if I get stuck somewhere, the US better cough up some helicopters and come save me. let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

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