Her Last Weekend as a Single Lady

Well Shannon’s last “single” weekend came and went quickly. It was well spent with 21, yes… 21 lovely ladies in Las Vegas!!!! I can’t possibly write about all the exciting things that happened… but I will share just a few of the more interesting/odd moments of the trip.

1. Death By Champagne:

Free unlimited champagne all night at Body English sounds great at the time… but the next day it makes you feel like ass!!693965491405_0_BG.jpg













2. Suck For a Buck:

Don’t worry, she’s not being molested, she’s earning money!!!! Sometimes I think it would be easier to just quit our jobs and do this every weekend! 🙂 HAHA815748352206_0_ALB.jpg














3. Tub Time:

Who knew you could fit so many girls into a bathtub?? I must admit, we did have our doubts- but when we really put our minds to something, we make it happen!835083352206_0_BG.jpg












4. Tub Time Take Two:

Take two bottles of shower gel, add some blow up toys and a dash of alcohol and this is what you get! Can anyone find Shannon?145083352206_0_BG.jpg












5. The Wedding Rehearsal:

We had to get some practice in for this weekend’s big event! I like how half of the wedding party is getting drunk while rehearsing!992155491405_0_ALB.jpg













6. Stripping Aussies:

We all know that my favorite half-naked Aussie actually LIVES in Australia, so since I don’t get to see him often, I guess the Thunder from Down Under will just have to fill in for a moment. Jen just doesn’t appreciate the Aussies like I do!270266491405_0_BG.jpg












So that sums up just a few of the things we did this weekend! As you can tell, it was a little drunky and a little crazy and we all had A LOT of fun on Shannon’s last single weekend (especially Jen who won buttloads of money gambling)! Now it’s wedding time!!!!

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