High Class and Low Class Bars

Saturday night Andrew, Kris, Tess and I enjoyed a few hours in a cool wine bar near our house- Firefly. I had been wanting to go there for dinner for awhile and we finally made it! So here is a quick little review in case any of you are interested:

The wine was good (also pretty expensive… but I guess it IS a wine bar). We got 3 bottles- a special pinot noir (not on the menu so I can’t remember what it was called), a 2006 Whitebox shiraz/viognier and a Bethany 2006 cab/merlot blend. I have to say the cab/merlot was my favorite. The pinot was a little woody and rough for me.

We ordered the zucchini frites (highly recommended), a mediterranean dip plate that had this wonderful pumpkin and pine nut dip… yum!, chicken chorizo, margherita pizza and lamb skewers. I ate everything except the lamb and it was all really good! It doesn’t seem a like enough food between 4 people but since it’s tapas you can just keep ordering more as the night goes on- plus the 3 bottles of wine really fill you up šŸ™‚

Decor: 9 – I really love this decor. The layout, furniture, wall of wine, barrels and lighting is just classy and comfortable and they had nice music playing all night too.

Value: 6 – It was about $270 for the 4 of us. When you think about the fact that we only got some dip, pizza and other little finger foods- that’s pretty excessive. It could be that the wine alone was probably $150 for the 3 bottles though. It’s definitely a “special occasion” place. Not somewhere I could afford to go on a weekly basis!

Service: 9 – I’d say nothing was lacking with the service. They were quick and friendly and gave good recommendations on food and wine. I’m not giving a 10 because I had to wait a LITTLE too long to get some chili flakes šŸ™‚

Taste: 7 – it was really good, but not the most spectacular food I’ve ever eaten. Although those zucchini frites do tempt me to give a higher score šŸ™‚


After a nice dinner we went to a super ghetto, creepy bar in Neutral Bay. The median age of the crowd was about 55-60 years old. I particularly liked the 60-65 year old woman with long bleach blond hair and True Religion jeans.

The bartenders scoop ice out of a cooler/esky and there are no fountains for the soda… it comes out of 2 liter bottles. SO sketchy!! But they had karaoke which made it pretty fun. The song choices were limited (mostly geared towards the 50-60 year old crowds) but I decided to sing a song. I chose “Son of a Preacher Man” pretty much because it was the only song I could find that I’ve done karaoke to in the past. Usually it was always as backup for Shannon (who CAN actually sing). Well, they were taking forever so I decided to go tell the guy that we were leaving and he could cancel my song. I walked up there and first decided to just ask how much longer it would be (I knew it would be awhile because I put in the request about 15 minutes after Tess and she JUST had her turn).

Sooo annnyways… When I asked how much longer the guy just looked at me and said “Do you want to go next?” I was a little caught off guard, but said sure. I was NOT prepared to go right at that moment… I just figured I’d miss out that night since we were about to leave. About 2 seconds later the music started and I just gave it my all.

Evidently Andrew said to Kris “this girl is good” and Kris had to tell him it was me- Andrew had no clue!!? So I guess that means I wasn’t half bad. That was the first time in my life I’ve ever sang a solo karaoke song- I’ve ALWAYS done it with friends…. so I was pretty proud of myself that I got up there and went for it šŸ™‚

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  1. YAY!!! Singing Karaoke by yourself is impressive!! And I lold about the old lady wearing true religions. Ok – I’m STILL laughing about it. I hate TRs – and I especially hate them on old people. lol.

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