heart.pngThey say “home is where the heart is” which is mostly true, but in my situation right now, I feel like my heart is on the other side of the planet. It got sucked out of me when I stepped onto that plane and flew over the Pacific. I would like to say it’s nice to be home in my room with my stuff, but it’s not. Of course it was nice to see my family and the kids (Preston was sooo excited to see me and just couldnt stop hugging me and telling me he loved me) ūüôā but I didn’t really miss Huntington Beach. I went to dinner with Jen and Nicole tonight- I can say that eating Mexican food was nice–¬†it is something you don’t find much of in Australia, but even still… I didn’t miss that either! I only ever missed people, and now, I miss Andrew more than ever.

So now I’m home. Don’t want to be but I am. Coming home to my family made me happy but I also¬†came home to piles of junk mail, mounds of receipts and brochures and things from my trip that I need to go through, heaps of laundry… some dirty, some not- but I’m so lazy that I’ll probably throw it all in the wash so I don’t have to hang it all up yet.


Oh, and I came home to a credit card bill for a card¬†I NEVER use. That was fun!¬†It has no balance but I forgot that my Toll Roads account was linked to the card to automatically pay when my account gets low. Since I hardly use the tolls anymore, I hardly get charged. Well I did finally (figures the time I leave for a month is the ONE time this year that I received a bill from the card I never use). On top of the toll from July, it also charged me the¬†“annual fee”… it must have come the week¬†I left and wouldn’t you know, the due date was Sept. 13th. Since I always just pay my card payments online, I told my mom to¬†ignore any credit card mail. Ooops. Gay. I don’t even know why I still have the card. I’ll be cancelling it tomorrow. No more $60 fees for something I don’t even want!¬†I should have called and fought to get¬†the charge¬†removed, but I really dont have the energy or motivation. I figured it would be easier for me to just pay it.

Sydney Week 5 005 (Small).jpgI also¬†came home to a package of several hundred pictures (literally) dating back to April that I had ordered from my Kodak site while I was away. So I need to organize them into albums. 5 months of pictures!!! Maybe this is all a good thing. Organizing usually relaxes me in a sense somehow… I cleaned up most of my mail and junk that’s been sitting around my room, and so that’s one less thing to do tomorrow. I really feel like I have this urge to clean my whole closet. I want to throw away half my clothes and just tidy up. Living in a small space for 5 weeks and sharing a closet made me realize that I have too much junk in mine!

I uploaded pics from my week 5 but haven’t added photo titles. I plan on finishing up all my picture duties tomorrow so if you’re on my picture list, you should be receiving them soon ūüôā

And even with all this organization… and with jet lag…and a headache from crying so much… one thing keeps me happy–and that is knowing that I’ll get to do it all again one day. All the mail, laundry, crying, organizing… oh… and the weight gain from eating too much thai… it’s all worth it when I know it’s all so I can be with my wonderful boyfriend and do the little things together¬†like eat strawberries and sorbet :).


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