Wow, it feels weird to say it- but I’m home for the holidays! After a 13 1/2 hour flight (with no TV) I’m finally home. Even with a broken TV the flight wasn’t too bad. I still am amazed at the fact that those flights never bother me. I always dread them, but I always get off the flight thinking “that was alright!” Good thing I don’t mind flying for hours and hours- I’ll be doing it A LOT in the future.

It feels nice to be back in CA-but weird too.?Now that I’m here, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve been gone that long at?all.?In fact, it kinda feels like?I just skimmed over 2 months of my life in some dream and now?it’s back to normal. It was weird?saying bye to Andrew at the airport without bawling my eyes out.?It was the first time in?2 years that we’ve said goodbye without wondering when exactly we would?see each other again- what a NICE feeling to know we will be together again in just a few weeks!

It feels?strange that I had to pack to come “home.” I?usually start packing a week before a big trip. I started yesterday. I’m sure I forgot stuff and I have absolutely nothing to wear to the upcoming?Christmas/NYE parties. Oh well!?At least I’m done Christmas shopping…. OH WAIT- haven’t even STARTED that. For someone who is very organized and prepared- this is kinda stressful!?Our tree is up, but there are no presents under it! I’ve just gotta cram Christmas shopping?into a few days!

I must admit- the chill in the air automatically added to the Christmas spirit that was lacking in Sydney. I didn’t think the weather made that much of a difference- but now I realize it impacts me more than I thought! I think it’s kinda nice to feel the chilly air (especially because I know I only have to deal with it for 3 weeks).

Driving on the “right” side of the road didn’t seem weird at all, although once when my mom was turning left, I expected her to turn onto the left side of the road. Good thing she didn’t 🙂 Oh and the first thing I wanted to eat today??? MEXICAN of course! I hadn’t had real Mexican in over 2 months! Chips and Salsa at Don Jose’s (I still refuse to call it Rodrigos) were WONDERFUL!

So anyways, I’m home. I’ve got a busy few weeks ahead. It will be nice to see everyone and it will probably go by really quickly.

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  1. I can totally understand the feeling that everything in Oz was just a dream… that’s how I always felt when travelling between the two countries. Sometimes I still ask myself, did all that happen, did I really live in the States? Apparently I did. *g*

    LMAO @ wanting to eat Mexican! I did too. 🙂

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