What happens when you go away for 4 weeks, come home to insane projects at work and then jump right into the Christmas holiday season? You stop blogging. The longer you go without it, the harder it is to pick it back up. It’s sort of like exercising.

So now it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. Let’s jump back to October and I’ll share a bit about our four week vacation.

For the first week of our trip we flew to Hong Kong to visit our friends Kris and Tess who moved there for Kris’ job a few years back. We were able to catch up with a few other friends as well (Wes, Cindy & Tiff) so we actually didn’t feel too far from home. I had always wanted to visit Hong Kong. The big city vibe intrigued me and a big city is what I got. I couldn’t believe how massive it was- like nothing I’ve ever seen.

The week flew by and other than a few relaxed days of drab and dreary rain, we jam packed a lot in to a week.

We went for a fancy schmancy seafood buffet lunch for Andrew’s birthday

We ate dumplings, noodles and drank beers galore
We went out on a birthday Junk (boat cruise) for Kali- a friend of Kris and Tess. The weather started off a bit crap but was gorgeous once we parked off the coast of a beach. Food, drinks, homemade cupcakes, sunshine and a live DJ made this a really fun day.
We took a ferry out to beautiful Discovery Bay to visit Wes and Cindy. Fun fact of the trip? Golf Carts here cost – get this- $250-$300 THOUSAND DOLLARS! Yes, you read that right. A GOLF CART costs MORE THAN A HOUSE.  They are so limited and in such high demand that they charge astronomical rates and richy rich Hong Kongers pay it! Amazing.
We trekked up the peak (the less steep route mind you which nearly killed me)  and took the tram down on another day
Visited Stanley markets and the Ladies’ Markets. WHY oh WHY did I not buy more?
And most fun of all? Halloween at Lan Kwai Fong. Holy crap now THAT is an experience to be had. They block off the street and only let people walk one way. You actually can only walk up the street, not down. The streets are PACKED with thousands of people and we felt like massive celebrities when we couldn’t get more than 5 feet up the street without people asking to take pictures of/with us. The Asians love their Halloween costumes.


Like all good things, our Hong Kong adventure had to come to an end but luckily for us we still had 3 weeks of holiday left. Next stop… California (mind you after a 9 hour flight back to Sydney and then a 14 hour flight to the US).

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