How do kids have so much energy?

I babysat today. I love Preston and Emma, but I definitely don’t have the energy of a 3 or 6 year old!

I had the luxury of spending 2 hours playing crazy 8s (uno), Zingo (kid bingo) and Dora the Explorer Candyland… oh lets not forget 20 minutes of roll the ball back and forth into each others legs (or chuck it as hard as you can into auntie Ayo’s crotch, as Emma likes to play)- let me tell you… THAT was fun!

Then as if 2 hours of that wasn’t enough, I spent the next hour reading The Toothfairy book (3 times), Picky Mrs. Pickle, Crocoroos and Kangadiles (my personal Aussie fave), 1000 pages of shark facts (no, we did not read ALL 1000 pages) and Dolly the Dolphin, complete with clicking sounds for added pleasure.

In the middle of all that excitment, we made time to order pizza; however, pizza clearly just isnt enough for kids these days so they also had to enjoy some eggo waffle cereal and stouffers frozen chicken and potatoes.

I think my favorite part of the day was when we all decided to free the one-legged grasshopper Preston has held captive in a plastic box since Father’s day. Then to top it all off, we threw in some Tom and Jerry and then brushed some teeth… and headed off to bed.

at 8:45

It is now, 10:51. Preston is still awake. WHYYYYYYYY??? Now, I will cut him some slack. The poor guy is super sick and can hardly breath- and he just informed me that he can’t sleep because his sister is snoring. Awww he’s just like his auntie. If someone is snoring in the next house over it keeps me up!! Poor guy. I can totally empathize. And my poor boyfriend can too- because evidently, I have taken up snoring… or “heavy breathing”

DAMNIT!!! I’m such a hypocrite! I HATE snoring! I’ve become what I hate.

Ok time to do some MSN chatting with my love and then off to bed. One more day has come and gone!

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