How Many Banks do YOU Use?

So I was thinking yesterday, I use 6 banks. Yes, 6! I never really thought about it until I went to make a withdraw and really had to think about which ATM card to pull out of my wallet. Depending on which bank I’m at (and which account I need to withdraw from) I have to use the right card. It’s not an easy thing to keep straight!!

So in the US, I have 2 banks:

Citibank- I still have this open even though I don’t use it much anymore.

B of A- This is where my paychecks go 🙂

ING- I use this for my savings because the interest rates are much higher than Citibank or BofA

In Australia:

Westpac – don’t actually have an account here, but this is where I have to make withdraws from my US Bank of America account. If I go to ANY other bank, I’ll get charged a crapload of fees. So, when I want to get money out from my US account, I go to Westpac and it’s free!

Citibank – So once I withdraw money from Westpac, I have to put it into an?Australian account. I could use westpac to make it easy (withdraw and?deposit at the same place) but Westpac has?way more fees… so I have?an Aussie?citibank account because then I can use that ATM card to make purchases and I can also use my Citibank ATM card at ANY Aussie ATM for free.

NAB – Again, I don’t actually have an NAB account- but when I withdraw from Westpac and deposit into Citibank, I actually have to make the deposit at NAB. It’s the only bank that takes citibank deposits (citibank doesn’t have branches).

Luckily, Westpac and NAB are within a 2 minute walk from each other, so I just walk into one and then straight over to the other. And I do all this to keep my bank fees at 5 bucks a month. Not too bad considering I’m doing some serious international withdraws and deposits!!! Ahh…the price I pay to prevent paying high prices!

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  1. That makes me tired just reading about all of your banking!!! I have a hard enough time with one bank and two accounts. Kudos to you for keeping up with 6.

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