How We Met

I moved to Australia.

I moved to be with my loooove.

People ask me how we met- so here’s the story. (It’s much easier to just copy and paste this old email than retyping it over and over to all my new Internet friends).

In December, 2005 -a few weeks before my first trip to Australia (with a few girlfriends), I went on myspace in search for some people who could give us cool ideas of where to go/bars/restaurants etc. I did email all types of people, but I must admit- most of them were cute boys. Not sure what drew me to Andrew’s photo- it wasn’t even a picture of him- it was his band from years ago.

Andrew hadn’t been on myspace in ages. He randomly checked his junk mail one day and saw “you have a message from elsja.” So, he logged in just to see what it said. What I did not know until later is that he immediately called his friend to tell him “4 chicks are coming from America.” Boys will be boys I guess. He wrote me back telling me to come onto MSN, so I did.

After all that we started talking on MSN quite a bit and we exchanged emails, even on Christmas day! We had a total connection but we really didn’t expect ANYTHING to happen since I was simply going there on a holiday. I have to admit, I was developing a huge crush and it had always been a dream of mine to go away, meet some foreign guy, fall in love and have him move back to CA with me (I guess that last part didn’t work out as planned). But really, I didn’t think anything would come of it. Usually Andrew ALWAYS went away during the Christmas holiday, but this year decided to stay home (before I emailed him) and he also worked at a university so he had the whole week off. Convenient right We obviously decided to meet up, I was super excited to meet him when I got here.

I got to Sydney Wednesday and we decided to meet up on Fri. He told me to meet him on the steps by the beach in Manly and so I went there with my friends to eat and lay out, etc. But I didn’t see him. I looked for an hour. Turns out, I was looking in the wrong spot. I had called him but he didnt answer. I gave up and went to lunch with the girls. As we sat there (I was a bit bummed), I looked across the street and saw this guy in boardshorts listening to an ipod. He was pretty far, but I couldn’t help but think it might be him. I was too freaked to find out so I just sat there wondering. Finally he disappeared and I decided that I would be devastated if it was him and I didn’t go say something. So I went and called him one more time and he answered. He was JUST getting in his car (where he had left his phone earlier) and was about to leave. I caught him just in time and told him to come back and meet me at McDonalds. So… he did… I asked if it was him sitting there earlier and he said it was. I’m so glad I went and called!

Anyways, we hung out at the beach that day and then met up with him and his friend that night at a bar. We definitely wanted to see each other again. We ended up seeing each other 5 of the 7 days I was in Sydney and really hit it off. It was upsetting to leave. I kept in touch with him while we were up north at the reef and when we had a layover in Sydney on our way to Fiji- he surprised me at the gate in the airport with a rose! Yeah, you can still go up to the gates without a boarding pass for domestic flights in Australia.

A week after I got home, I bought another ticket to go back. When I went back in March- we made it “official.” The next year and a half was VERY hard going through the whole long distance thing, but we saw each other every few months. I visited Sydney three times and he came to California three times as well in the time we were apart.

Then finally in September 07, I moved down under and I’m SO happy to be with my love.

Thank you Myspace!

*Edited to add… 3 years later we are now happily married. I think we are a testament to the fact that you CAN meet great people online and long distance relationships CAN work.

4 thoughts on “How We Met”

  1. Ahhhh what a great story (and I love that it started in Manly!!!) I totally understand the moving for loooove thing – sounds like we have a lot in common!

  2. long distance is really hard 🙁 but it’s good to know that others have made it work. And to think I complain that Charles is in California!! when I’m only in Utah – it would be so much more difficult if we were in other countries.

    So happy you two are tying the knot!! xoxo

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