I Forgot What I Was Missing

When I moved to Australia, I knew there would be things I missed. Well, eventually I started missing certain things less and less and even forgetting about some items all together.

UNTIL TODAY… when I went to the giant Albertsons and realized that I had forgotten how wonderful the US grocery stores are. I felt overwhelmed, so many aisles, so many deli selections. I just went to get a few things for dinner and some bread for my mom and I got lost!! Literally, I couldn’t find the boboli pizza crusts, but finally- there they were! I was so happy to see a boboli. I couldn’t find pita chips (never did actually). I was like a kid in a candy store and realized that I must only buy the things I need because I was hungry and needed to get home.

The produce was SOOOOOOO nice and CHEAP. No 2.99 avocado bullshit that we get at woolies in Sydney. They were only $1 each.

But I really had the urge to go up and down each aisle and inspect everything in full detail to see if there were things that I should bring back to Australia with me. Maybe I’ll go back when I have more time.

In Australia’s defense (for lack of quality grocery stores), there was one item I wanted that I couldn’t find at all. Muesli! I’ve grown to really like it in Australia and they just didn’t have any good looking stuff here. Oh well- give and take I guess.

P.S. I really can’t wait to start my 101 list, but I’m SO glad I’m not starting until April because this week has been non-stop action-packed and SO busy!

1 thought on “I Forgot What I Was Missing”

  1. I know, I totally miss the grocery stores back home! When I first got here and was really homesick, I’d go to the Woolie’s in Parramatta because it was the biggest one I’d seen and it felt the most like home- but still with crazy prices and none of my favorite products. But you’re right, you adjust and start to miss things less and less! Hope you’re having fun back home!

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