Wow… I never get tagged. Sure I get the massive amounts of forwarded emails asking me to fill out surveys left and right, but never (that I know of) has someone actually posted my name on their website saying “I tag Elsja.” So when Daisy – this lovely lady mentioned my name in her blog, of course I had to politely oblige and fulfill my tagging duties (plus I needed something to blog about). So here it goes…here are 7 of the most random things about me that pop into my head at this very moment in time. 


  1. I was born at 11:11am and I still make wishes when I see 11:11 on the clock (and when I see shooting stars). And I think I’m cursed when I see 11:34 on the clock (that’s hell upside down for those of you who may be confused). Last year, I had this problem where every night in bed, I’d glance at the clock when I’d lay down and it would be 11:34… literally- like every night! It really started to freak me out.  
  2. I don’t like any seafood. And by “any” I mean “ANY.” I get really confused when I tell people “I don’t like any seafood” and they start going through a list of items, as if they are testing me to see if I REALLLLLY mean it when I say I HATE seafood! “Oh really…. so you don’t like sushi?”… “No, no seafood” …”Oh so not even prawns/shrimp?”… “Listen…if it ever swam, floated or just sat on the floor of an ocean, lake or any other body of water, I don’t eat it.” (So this would even include duck… ducks swim in lakes…and they are gross). It’s like people think they will go through a list and discover the one seafood I’ve NEVER thought of and I’ll have this “A-HA” moment… “oh yes, I forgot fish is from the sea… how could I be so silly? You caught me… I do love seafood after all!”  
  3. Speaking of things I don’t eat…I haven’t eaten red meat intentionally since I was 15. I say intentionally because even though I don’t eat beef by choice… I ACCIDENTALLY ate an entirebeef burger awhile back THINKING it was a turkey burger. Once I looked at the bill and realized it wasn’t a turkey burger, I wasn’t too happy. Yes, I did throw up.  
  4. My mom and sisters have size 7.5, 7.5 and 5.5-6 shoe sizes respectively. I wear an 8.5 -9. Maybe this explains why I am also way bigger than any of them ever were at my age. Yeah, I’ll blame it on my feet.  
  5. I say “that stresses me out” or “I was so stressed” (and other variations) A LOT. Most of the time, I’m not actually STRESSED, I’m just thinking a bit more about something than I would like, or I have a dilemma I’m trying to work out in my head. It’s like a natural reaction, a phrase that just spills out of my mouth when anything even remotely unpleasant/confusing/frustrating is discussed. This has lead my boyfriend to think I’m the biggest stresshead he’s ever met. While that may still be true, it shouldn’t be due to my overuse of the phrase.  
  6. I’m horrible at making decisions. Really bad. I’ve been known to stand 15 minutes in the shampoo aisle at CVS trying to decide which shampoo would be best for my hair. I’ve spent HOURS upon hours reading reviews on amazon trying to pick the best phone/camera/etc. 2 weeks ago I spent about 20 minutes trying to pick out the best containers to use to organize my spice cabinet. One of the most embarrassing cases of my indecisiveness came at my 5 year old niece’s birthday party at Color-Me-Mine. Put it this way… the party was nearly over by the time I decided what I wanted to paint. I was at the shop for more than an hour after everyone finished. And let’s not get started on the choices I had to make for colors! Thank God I brought my own car!  
  7. The ONLY time I ever like rain is when there is a thunder/lightning storm to go with it. I know plenty of people say “we need the rain… drought this…farms that…” but that still doesn’t make me like it when it rains. Rain is miserable and it makes me sad and grumpy. But I will tolerate it if there is thunder to listen to and some lightning to go with.  

Wow… that took too long. I should have been WAY less thoughtful and just said things like “I love In-n-Out” and “I wear a retainer to bed.

So I’m not actually going to tag anyone… because a) as mentioned above, I’m horrible at making decisions and I don’t know who to choose… and b) I might get offended if the people I tagged didn’t actually fulfill their duty. But I still welcome you all to join me in my obvious boredom and complete one of these for yourself. It’s pretty interesting to see the weird things that come into your head when you just sit and think about yourself.

4 thoughts on “I Got Tagged”

  1. You are too funny. I am right with you on the indecisiveness. I usually take at least 20 minutes to pick out shampoos, conditioners, face cream, etc. It’s ridiculous. And the reading reviews before buying things is a must! We are cursed.

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth on the seafood one. No, not even shrimp. No, not even tuna. No, definitely not sushi. It gets old after a while!

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