I Guess Sexy’s Not Back After All

More like ludacris is back! Hmm… actually that wouldn’t be half bad if I were talking about the rapper! 🙂

But seriously, how is it that Nicole, Jen, Adrian AND my sister ALL sat online at 9:59 am waiting to get the JT tix when they went on sale at 10:00 am and not one of them could get 1 single ticket???

SUCKS ASS!!  I hate hate hate ticket scalpers who buy up all our tickets and then sell them for ridiculous prices on Ebay!




Might I remind you people that tickets went on sale for $60.00! Sixty!!! Six-Zero… not Five-Zero-Zero!! That means these crappy ass tools are charging like over 800% for each ticket. (Um feel free to ignore my math if it’s wrong… I slept through the part of school where we learned percentages- and all other math for that matter!)

Whatever… the point is… these biscuit heads got tickets and we didn’t! And some desperate (or rich) megafan (not me for sure) is going to pay close to a grand for JT tix. ummm no thanks. There are things in life that are worth a thousand bucks… hearing Timberlake sing “Seniorita” is not one of them.

What a sad day.

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