Maybe it is just because?they are what I listened to when I was a kid (or what I was exposed to via parents)… but something about Neil Diamond songs makes me happy and it makes me even happier to watch the American Idol top 5 them. Ok maybe not, but I am glad they aren’t singing any more Mariah Carey! A whole night devoted to good ol’ Neil. 10 whole songs… and that means 10 whole reviews from Moi.

So here are my thoughts on tonight’s performances:

Jason- Forever in Blue Jeans: Didn’t wow me, but I did like the version. I pretty much like any of Jason’s versions of anything. He just has that style that I like.

David C.- I’m Alive: Sounds like all the other David?Cook songs, raspy, raw and growly… but it was fine. Not my fave.

Brooke -??I’m a Believer: This was shit… just sounded like she was singing the annoying Shrek song. Sounded shaky and blah. And WHAT is she wearing??She just needs to go.

David A. – Sweet Caroline: Wow… he finally had some personality and livened up a bit. Maybe someone gave him the 411 that he’s usually boring as shit… it was kinda cheesy, but he sounded good and I give him props for actually moving and smiling for once.

Syesha – Hello Again: Kinda boring version- but I’m not sure you really CAN make this song un-boring. I do like Neil’s version much better though. Ok but to give?her some credit?she’s really good. I feel bad she’s been in the bottom so often. I know I said I wanted the girls all booted, but she has a good voice- she’s just nothing new to me.

And WTF is wrong with paula abdul? She’s losing it.

OK round two.

Jason- September Morn: Mmm his voice makes me melty. Me likey. I can see why people think he’s “just ok” but he’s only been “just ok” in the last few weeks. What happened to him? Wheres the?hallelujah/over the rainbow singing Jason we?once knew and loved??I’d still buy his album over anyone else.

David C. – All I Really Need is You: Why did he have to go and pick the 2 songs most people don’t know? It’s like he had to just be original and different…whatev! Ok I admit it… he’s the best. Ugh. I don’t like to say that- but he’s just been putting Jason to shame these last 2 weeks.

Brooke – I Am I Said: I think she redeemed herself on this one. I actually liked her for once. I give her credit for not only learning to sing the song, but also learning it on piano as well!

David A.- America: Except for the voice crack- it was good. Didn’t give me the chills, but it was good. He’s back in the running for me.

Syesha- Thank the Lord for the Nighttime: She definitely has the most personality but I didn’t like this song. Sounded like a gospal choir. Over it.

SO there you have it… my professional opinon.

My prediction for the loser tomorrow is Syesha or Brooke. I base this on the fact that they are always in the bottom 2/3. I still think if I had to pick, I’d get rid of Brooke. Gotta keep the guys in the top 3 like planned. Well, my plan at least šŸ™‚

And YAY… Neil Diamond will be back šŸ™‚ AW DAMNIT… I JUST REALIZED I WONT BE HOME TO WATCH IT. šŸ™ damnit damnit. nobody spoil it for me. I’ll have to watch the repeat when it shows again on Friday.

5 thoughts on “I Love Neil Diamond”

  1. i love neil too! i was kinda sad that no one did my favorite neil song: brother love’s traveling salvation show… but that probably wouldnt have gone over well with the idol crowd.

    jason was boring.

    cook was decent but didnt wow.

    archuletta was decent, but i still find him boring and lame.

    brooke’s first song was terrible. i liked i am i said, but it was no where near as good as neil’s version. something about “im arizona born and raised…” thats just not the same.

    syesha was the best of the night by far.

    im 90% sure brooke will be gone tonight, but im afraid if not her then its going to be jason castro. syesha won’t even be in the bottom.

  2. Haha, I love that not only do you like Neil Diamond, but that you admit it! I love him too (and typically get made fun of whenever this comes up). “I Am I Said” is one of my favorites- it gives me the chills!

  3. Ok, so I can’t respond to American Idol because I haven’t been watching consistently…..but, dude, Elsja….what did you think of last week’s Lost episode?!?! So confused!!!!

    Jen, care to weigh in? We know how you LOVE all of these shows šŸ˜‰

  4. don’t anyone say anything about LOST!!! i havne’t seen it yet. watching tonight.

    as for american idol – david cook is clearly the winner. and brooke has got to G-O! actually, they voted someone off already, maybe i should google it and find out!

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