I should have been an architect. If it weren’t for all the math involved, I think I’d be pretty good! To prove it, I have beautiful shots of the home I designed today. It’s got two separate bedrooms with private entrances and a shared living room space complete with an attached closet and curtain door. The skylight and windows add a bright warm feel to the home and the peep holes at the front doors have been added for extra security. A convenient mailbox was added at the request of the homeowners. I have yet to install the bathroom… this may be a bit difficult; however, I will look into it when I have acquire more building supplies. I Should get those within the next week. I do need to give some credit to Trevor who started the construction on the private bedrooms earlier this week. He even installed the lighting fixtures! I had a little help with the exterior paint job, and the interior still has the bare walls, but that should be finished soon as well.

View from front of house:

View from rear of house:

View of interior: (taken from window of 1st bedroom)

14 thoughts on “I Missed My Calling”

  1. Why the hell are you builing a cardboard house? I thought you had a lot of time to blog…let alone make things out of cardboard. Time, time, so much time.

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