A timeline of my life for the last day: 

13 hours: amount of time the alarm on my phone kept going off all by itself.

20 minutes: amount of time I spent attempting to restart, restore back-ups, etc… to get this to stop occurring.

30 minutes: amount of time spent at the Sprint service center today where they were able to delete everything from my phone to stop the alarm from going off uncontrollably. I also ask why all my calls are getting dropped in my house lately and he says I need to go to the palm website to download software updates.

20 minutes: amount of time spent searching online for software updates, only to find NOTHING. I see a customer service number… and low and behold- its a SPRINT number…. um didn’t sprint tell me to contact palm? but Palm says contact sprint. MAKE UP YOUR MIND PEOPLE.

30 minutes: amount of time I’ve spent so far updating all my contacts and synching data back to my phone

25 minutes: amount of time I was on hold initially before a nice man answered my call and told me, “oh you need tech support for that” (evidently, choosing the tech support option when you first call does jack shit. I was just sent to customer service). The guy says “I know you have been waiting, let me just place you on hold for 1 or 2 minutes and I will transfer you to tech support.”

1 hour: amount of time “1-2 minutes” actually translates to

1 hour, 27 minutes and 48 seconds: amount of time I have been on hold with Sprint.

I’m pretty sure my call is just not even in the queue to be answered anymore, but I’m just curious how long I could possibly sit here on hold waiting for them to answer. I think I’ll just keep the call going and then I plan on writing a big fat complaint letter to sprint letting them know just where they can shove their piece of shit customer service. Usually I’ve never had a big problem, but today’s experience makes my many years of good customer service just get tossed out the window.



15 minutes: amount of time spent writing a complaint to customer service.

4: attempts I made to submit the complaint

Final result when submit button is pushed:


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