I Never Thought I Would Make It

Ugh… seriously my least favorite thing in the world is traffic.


Here is my drive from work to home. Notice the total estimated time: 23 minutes


 Ok so maybe it doesn’t take 23 minutes. I mean, it does if there is NO traffic- but that is rare. Usually it takes about 35 minutes… maybe 40.

On reallllllly bad days it takes an hour and the LONGEST it has EVER taken is 1 hour, 5 minutes (yes, I do keep track).


ONE HOUR AND FORTY MINUTES!!! yes- that’s right- almost 2 hours!!!! Left work at 6:10pm – got home at 7:50pm. Why do people have to get in such bad accidents and close practically the whole freeway. It makes me hate drivers.

you can imagine how angry and pissy I was the entire drive…especially since it was dinner time and I was starving. Luckily I finally made it and my mom had a yummy dinner waiting for me 🙂 I’m much better now.


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